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A+ Rewards member accounts are optional and you may purchase tickets online without having an account. An A+ Rewards member account allows you not only to save your profile for quicker purchasing and to look up your bookings, it also enables you to earn rewards for reward travel.

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Member Registration

Setting up an A+ Rewards account is straightforward. On the Registration page, you will create your log-in ID - which will be your email address - and select a password. Then you will fill out a registration form with your contact information, including name, billing address, phone number and optionally a fax and alternate phone number. We do not request or hold any credit card information in your member account.

The information you enter during registration will become your profile, which is used to pre-fill the purchase form fields each time you make a reservation while logged in to your account. With your profile information in place, you will only need to enter passenger information and credit card information to complete your purchase.

Upon registration we will send you an email confirming your new account. We’ll also send you a welcome kit in the mail with your new A+ Rewards member card (please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery).

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Member Log In

You can access the member log in screen from several places:

  • The “Members” link on the right side of the home page.
  • The “My Account” button in the top navigation bar.
  • In the Reservations section from the “Log In” button in the side navigation bar.
  • Within the Reservation process, you have the opportunity to log in after selecting your flights.

Upon log in, you will see your personal Member Home page. Your Member Home page presents a search form for checking flight availability and making a reservation, an overview of your account status, and quick links to some of the most popular site pages.

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Booking History

You can access a list of all the reservations you have booked using your member account by following the “My Bookings” button in either the My Account or Reservations sections of the site.

The Bookings page will only display reservations you have purchased online while logged in to your account and reservations booked through our phone center for which you provided the agent with your account number. Any reservations you make through a travel agent, while not logged in or without providing your member number to our reservation agent will not be displayed here.

To get information about reservations that do not appear in your member account, please use the Find Itinerary page or call our reservation center at 1-800-AIR-TRAN (1-800-247-8726).

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Your A+ Rewards

Reward History: The Reward History page provides information on all your account activity. By default the page loads with your A+ Rewards earnings displayed. To view your A+ redemption activity or your available Reward Vouchers, use the links in the Transaction Histories box in the top right corner of the page to select the activity you wish to view.

Request Rewards: When you have earned enough credits to redeem a reward, visit the Request Rewards page. The page will display the rewards that can be redeemed with the credits you have available. Select the number of each reward you wish to redeem. To check how many total credits your choices will cost and how many credits you will have remaining, click the “Calculate Total” button.

When you have selected your reward choices, submit the form to see the Review and Submit page. Your selections will be displayed so you can review your order before submitting it. Once a reward has been issued, it cannot be exchanged for a different reward.

Request Credits: After reviewing your A+ Reward earnings history, if you find that you are missing any flight credits, visit the Request Credits page. Provide your flight information and any additional information. You may include multiple flights in one request. Simply add each flight one at a time, then submit the form.

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Managing Your Account Profile

You can manage your member account through the My Profile section under My Account.

Account Profile: From the Account Profile page, you can update your user ID (email address) and password, and you can edit your contact information, including your billing address and phone numbers.

For all of these updates, we will ask you to enter your current password to verify your identity. Any time you make changes to your account profile, the system will send you an email verifying your updates.

Email Settings: AirTran Airways sends emails to our A+ Rewards members with quarterly member updates and periodic announcements of special offers and promotions. If you prefer not to receive A+ Rewards email announcements, visit the Email Settings page to change your email preferences.

Request Card: If you never received your member card (please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery after joining A+ Rewards) or have recently lost your card, visit the Request Card page and we will send you a new card.

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Logging Out

When you have finished your session on our website, you may simply leave the site by navigating to another website or exiting your browser. Or you may click on the “Log Out” button in the navigation bar to end your account session. By logging out you ensure that no one else may access your account. (Note that even if you do not click on the “Log Out” button, your account session will terminate after 30 minutes of inactivity on the AirTran Airways website.)

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Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your account password, the system can send an email to your email address on file. On the Member Log In page you will see a link labeled “Forgot your password?” Follow this link and submit your account email address. When you receive your password by email, we recommend you log in to your account and create a new password by following the "Change Login" button on your Profile page.

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