flight schedule info

interactive route map with flight schedule info

interactive route map

The AirTran route map shows all the cities we serve, provides schedule information for each route and allows you to start booking your flights.

Flight schedules on the route map?

Yes, you can see flight schedules for any route. All AirTran flights and partner flights are on one map. Once you select a route, you can click to view the flight schedule.

Getting started…

  • Use the map
    • Select your origin, and click “Show destinations”
    • Select your destination, and click “Show flights”
    • To change travel dates, use the search form on the left (default is today’s date)
  • Or use the search form
    • Choose a flight search
    • Enter Origin and Destination cities
    • Enter Departure and Return dates
    • Click the “search” button
  • View your search results and schedule information
  • From the schedule, click “book now” to begin booking your flight