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Disabilities & Special Needs

Will my wheelchairs or other mobility assistive devices be accepted on board?


AirTran Airways accepts and transports most wheelchairs, including folding, collapsible, non-folding manual, and electric/battery-powered wheelchairs, as well as electric-powered scooters.

Each aircraft operated by AirTran Airways and Southwest Airlines has room for one collapsible wheelchair onboard, and space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Additionally, some wheelchairs can collapse to fit in the overhead bin or underneath a seat.

Non-collapsible and electric wheelchairs are accepted as checked baggage. You may check your wheelchair at the ticket counter or gate, and we will return it to you when your flight lands, either at the gate or baggage claim, as you specify.

For battery-powered wheelchairs and carts, we ask you to check in at the ticket counter at least one (1) hour prior to departure, so we can prepare the chair for loading. Some batteries are subject to dangerous goods handling. To help ensure the proper handling of your wheelchair and its components, we always appreciate written instructions and any special tools we may need that you wish to provide.

Carry-On Assistive Devices

Canes, walkers, and other assistive devices capable of being collapsed small enough to fit in overhead bins or underneath a seat are welcome inside the cabin and will not count toward your carry-on limit.

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