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Disabilities & Special Needs

What if I need assistance at the airport?

Airport Courtesy Wheelchair Assistance

Courtesy wheelchair service is available at the airport to transport you to your departure gate and during your connection, if applicable. Please let us know if you will need this assistance when making your reservation. (Although you can arrange to claim your chair at the connecting city, we recommend that it be checked through to your final destination. The additional time required to claim and recheck your chair at the connecting city may compromise your ability to make your connection).

It is also a good idea to remind the airport agent that you will need a wheelchair or other mobility assistance at your destination or connecting city. Although not required, advance notice and confirmation of arrangements helps us to provide you with timely service.

Airport Electric Carts

Some airports offer electric carts to assist customers. These vehicles are available for all customers and may not be pre-reserved.

If You Have A Hearing Disability

If you have a hearing disability, please advise an AirTran Airways agent so that they may alert you to important information. Additionally, airports feature signage designed to help you navigate the airport. There are also Departure and Arrival screens throughout the airport and information displays behind each gate counter.

If You Have A Vision Disability

If you have a vision disability, please advise an AirTran Airways agent so they may assist you. Whether you would like a courtesy wheelchair, prefer escort assistance or directions only, you can request this when making your reservation or you may request it at the airport.

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