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At the Airport

How early should I arrive at the airport?

AirTran Airways recommends passengers check in at least 60 minutes prior to their scheduled departure. Customers presenting themselves at the AirTran Airways gate less than ten minutes before scheduled departure will be considered a "no show" and will forfeit their reservation. If so, AirTran Airways will not be responsible for denied boarding compensation.

In Atlanta, please note that on Monday mornings the security lines are longer than usual, and you may wish to arrive at the airport early. During peak Monday morning travel times, proceeding through airport security screening can take as long as an hour and a half.

If you plan to check baggage, due to additional TSA screening requirements, we recommend arriving at the airport 60-90 minutes before departure. Baggage checked less than 45 minutes prior to departure in larger airports, or 30 minutes in smaller airports will be marked for Voluntary Separation. Although every effort will be made to get your Voluntary Separated bag on your flight, in the event your baggage does not arrive with you at your destination, AirTran Airways will not assume delivery charges to get your baggage to you. For international flights, baggage must be checked 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.

For International flights, passengers and their baggage will not be accepted at the ticket counter less than 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.

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