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About A+ Rewards

Does Elite status expire?

Elite status is attained by earning 10 or more A+ flight credits in a 90-day period or 25 or more A+ flight credits in any 365-day period.*

Once a member earns Elite status, the member will be required to fly at least 12 one-way A+ credit-earning flights in the 365 days prior to the member's Elite expiration date to renew the Elite status for another year. If the proper number of A+ Rewards credits are not earned for any given 12-month period, the member must then re-qualify for Elite status following the original rules. An opportunity to pay a fee to keep Elite status may or may not be offered. No exceptions will be made under any circumstances.

A+ Members with Elite status that hasn’t expired as of November 1, 2014 will automatically be given Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards A-List status through December 31, 2015.

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