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online booking overview

To purchase tickets on the AirTran Airways website, you’ll go through 6 steps:

  1. Flight Search
  2. Flight Selection
  3. Confirm Your Selection
  4. Passenger and Contact Information
  5. Payment
  6. Itinerary Receipt
  1. Flight Search

    • Flight Search Locations: You may begin your search for flight availability from the Home page or from the Reservations section of the site.

    • Optional Member Login: Optionally, you may wish to log into your A+ Rewards account before beginning the online reservation process. A+ Rewards accounts offer our customers several benefits: (1) save your profile for quicker purchasing; (2) easily look up existing online bookings; and (3) earn credits toward reward travel anywhere in the world.

    • Form Fields:
      1. To begin your search, you will select the Origin and Destination cities for your travel. If your return trip involves additional cities (also known as open jaw travel), click on the ‘Multi-City’ link, and a second set of fields will be displayed for your return travel.

      2. You will then select your Departure date, and if this is a round trip, your Return date. A calendar is available to help you select your travel dates.

        You may also indicate whether your travel dates are flexible and what time of day you wish to travel. Selecting flexible travel dates allows you to see more flight options should your chosen date be unavailable or other days offer better fares or flight times. Selecting a time of day can help shorten the flight results in markets where we offer many options.

      3. Finally, you will select how many passengers (up to 8) you plan to book tickets for. (To book tickets for more than 8 passengers, please call our Group Department at 888-419-6109.)

    • Submit request: When you have made your selections, click on the ‘Search’ button.

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  1. Flight Selection

    • Available Flights: The system will search our flight database for all available flights that match your search criteria. All Departing Flights are listed first, and if you have selected a roundtrip, your Returning Flights are listed next.

    • Fare Options: For each flight, the system will present multiple fare options, so you can determine which flights and fares best meet your needs.

      1. Web Special Fare – coach sale fares, usually with an advance purchase requirement, with seat assignment at time of check-in.

      2. Discount Coach Fares – lower-priced coach fares, usually with an advance purchase requirement, with seat assignment at time of check-in.

      3. Regular Coach Fares – attractively priced coach fares, usually with minimal or no advance purchase requirement, with advance seat assignment – you can select your seat at time of booking.

      4. Lowest Business Class Fare – Business Class fares are fully refundable, offer bigger seats, more leg room, complimentary drinks, with seat assignment at time of booking.

      If you see fewer fare options displayed, that means the flight is filling up or the departure date is near.

    • Adjusting Your Search: On the flight results page you have several options for adjusting your search:

      • Dates – You can select different departure and/or return dates, with a pop-up calendar to help you plan your travel. Click ‘Search’ to see the new flight results.

      • Alternate Airports – Some cities have another airport nearby that may offer flight and fare options that better meet your needs. You can view results for one or all of the nearby airports.

      • Time of Day – If you have chosen a certain time of day for your travel, we’ll tell you how many other flights are available in other time periods and their starting fare price. You can choose to view another time period or all flights for that day.

    • Select Your Flights. Select your departing and returning flights by clicking on the radio button (circle) to the left of each fare listing. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Continue’ button.

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  1. Confirm Your Selection

    • Itinerary Summary: The Confirm Itinerary screen will summarize your selected itinerary, including:

      • The flights and fares you have selected.

      • The total purchase price, including taxes, for all passengers.

      • The applicable fare rules.

    • Optional Travel Protection: You have the option to purchase travel insurance provided by Stonebridge Casualty, Inc. Select your desired coverage, or decline this option. For more information regarding this coverage, follow the link for policy details on that page.

    • Terms of Purchase: The Confirm page also presents the Terms and Conditions of your purchase, along with information about check-in requirements. Before continuing, we request that you indicate you have read and understand the terms of the fare(s) you are purchasing.

    • Optional Member Login: If you are a registered A+ Rewards member, you can enter your login ID (email address) and password on this page, to track this booking under your account and pre-fill your contact information on the next screen.

      If you are not registered on the website, skip the login section (leave the fields blank) and continue to the next page of the booking process, where you will have the option to register. Registration is NOT required to purchase a ticket.

    • Submit: After reviewing all the information, click on the ‘Continue’ button to proceed to the Passenger Information screen.

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  1. Passenger and Contact Information

    • Passengers: Enter each passenger’s name. Note that each passenger’s name must match the photo ID he or she will present during check-in at the airport. For each passenger who is a member of A+ Rewards - our frequent flier program - be sure to enter their account number, so they will receive credit for their flights.

    • Special Service Requests and Active U.S. Military: If any passengers in your party will need special assistance such as wheelchair service, vision or hearing disability assistance or are active military personnel, select the request checkbox and you will be given a menu allowing you to select the number of passengers requiring assistance. After entering your contact information, on the next page you will be able to select which passengers are requesting assistance.

    • Contact Person: Enter the name of the primary contact person responsible for the reservation. The contact person may or may not be a passenger, but should be someone who can reach the passengers in case of schedule changes or emergencies.

    • Contact Information: Enter the following information for the primary contact person. If you are logged in as a member, the Contact Information fields will be pre-filled with your profile information.

      1. Mailing address.

      2. A phone number where you can easily be contacted in case of flight changes.

      3. The email address where you wish to receive the email confirmation for your reservation.

    • Optional Member Registration: If you are not a member of our frequent flier program and would like to join, use the member registration fields to select your account login ID and password. Your login ID will be your email address, and your password must be between 4 and 8 characters long.

      Already a member of our program? If you’re already a member of our program, skip these fields. To login to your account, use the browser Back button to return to the previous page and enter your login and password.

    • Select Seats or Continue Without Seats: After entering all the passenger and contact information, you’re now ready to proceed. At this point you will have the option to select your seat assignments now, or you may wait to choose your seats at time of check-in and proceed directly to the payment page. For more information on the seat selection process, visit our Seat Assignment Help page.

      In certain instances you will see a second Passenger Information screen. Specifically, if you are traveling internationally, traveling with an infant or requesting special services, we will ask you to enter additional details before continuing.

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  1. Payment

    • The Payment screen will display the total cost for your itinerary and present your payment options, including: discount coupons, credit on file, PayPal, and credit card payment.

    • Discount Coupon: If you have a discount coupon for your purchase, enter that information first, including the Discount Code and the Certificate Number. Then click the ‘Submit’ button. The system will verify your discount - including the amount and expiration date - and if the certificate is valid the system will apply the discount and re-calculate your remaining total.

    • Credit File: If you have a credit on file with us from a previous transaction, the total credit available will be displayed on the payment screen, with the option to apply some or all of the credit as payment on this reservation. (Please note that only credit files tied to your A+ Rewards member account are available for online use. Credits tied to a confirmation number must be redeemed by phone.)

      You will be asked to provide a password to access the credit. This is the same as your member account password.

      If you choose not to use your credit file, or there is still a remaining amount to be paid, then you will need to enter another payment method.

    • Easy Payment Options: AirTran Airways accepts non-credit card payment options at such as PayPal.

      To select PayPal click on the ”choose an option“ button.

      • PayPal: AirTran Airways accepts PayPal payments at To use this form of payment, in the Easy Payment Options section click the "choose an option" button. Then click the "Pay with PayPal" button. You will be taken to the PayPal site to log into your account and complete payment. After approving payment, you'll return to the AirTran site where you will see your itinerary confirmation receipt.

        Processing your payment may take a minute or longer, so please be patient, and do NOT click the Stop, Refresh or Back buttons. If the Receipt page does not display after a few minutes, please call us for assistance at 1-800-AIR-TRAN.

    • Credit Cards: AirTran Airways accepts the following credit cards: American Express, Diners Club, Discover, MasterCard, UATP Card, and Visa.

      Enter and verify your credit card information, with the name appearing exactly as it appears on the credit card.

      Enter the security number that appears on your credit card. For MasterCard, Visa and Discover, the 3-digit security number appears on the signature strip on the back of the card. For American Express, the 4-digit security number appears on the front above the embossed account number. See an example.

      Enter and verify the billing address for the credit card you will be using. For your own security as well as ours, we perform address verification on all credit cards. Please ensure your billing address is entered correctly.

      When you have entered and verified all your information, click on the ‘Purchase’ button to complete your reservation.

      Processing your payment may take a minute or longer, so please be patient, and do NOT click the Stop, Refresh or Back buttons. If the Receipt page does not display after a few minutes, then your purchase transaction has not been completed. Please call us for assistance at 1-800-AIR-TRAN.

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  1. Itinerary Receipt

    • When your purchase has been completed, the system will display your Itinerary Receipt with your confirmation number and itinerary information.

      You may wish to print this page for future reference.

      If you cannot print the Receipt page, write down your confirmation number with pen and paper. You may also print the Itinerary you receive by email for use as your reservation receipt.

      Please note that if the Receipt page does not display, then your purchase transaction has not been completed. Please call us for assistance, at 1-800-AIR-TRAN.

      For details on how to retrieve your itinerary at a later time, visit the help section titled “Changing Reservations.”

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