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The Boeing Next-Generation 737 was designed with the passenger in mind and features the latest advancements in technology, engineering, and passenger safety and comfort. The 737-700 is one of the most popular and reliable single-aisle jet aircraft in its class, effectively using the latest in technological advancements to enable AirTran Airways to deliver the best travel experience at a low cost.

Superior Interior

AirTran Airways is dedicated to offering the highest levels of cabin comfort, which is why attention to detail was paramount in the design of the Boeing 737-700 interior. The results speak for themselves:

  • Oversized EasyFit storage bins (same storage capacity per person as Boeing’s 747 aircraft)
  • Award-winning two-by-two Business Class seating
  • Spacious three-by-three coach seating
  • Ergonomically correct RECARO® brand seats
  • Sculpted ceilings for enhanced open space
  • Soft indirect lighting designed to reduce stress on travelers’ eyes
  • Three modern, odor reducing vacuum lavatories
  • At least one baby-changing station on each aircraft
  • Numerous amenities focused on accommodating passengers with special needs
  • Quiet Climb System that reduces take-off noise

Safety First through Technological Advancements

There is nothing more important to AirTran Airways than the safety of our passengers. The 737-700 is not only an example of mechanical genius, but an aeronautical case study in safety and environmental-consciousness. The AirTran Airways 737 advancements include:

  • Redundancy in all major systems – meaning electronic equipment can utilize alternative functionalities in case of failure
  • Rugged, damage-tolerant structural design
  • State-of-the-art flight-deck controls, such as the Global Positioning Satellite Updating, Precision Landing System, Integrated Approach Navigation, and Vertical Situation Display, that provide improved warning systems and situational awareness while increasing navigational precision
  • Newly designed automatic over-wing exit doors that can be opened more rapidly in case of an on-ground emergency
  • CFM56-7 engines designed to provide lower fuel burn and dramatically reduce the emissions of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and smoke

Financial Benefit

The 737-700 will save AirTran Airways millions of dollars in the upcoming years by significantly reducing operating and maintenance costs. The addition of Blended Winglet technology in 2005 improves the efficiency of the wing in both takeoff and cruise contributing to an annual fuel savings of approximately 90,000 gallons of fuel per aircraft per year. The concept is simple: state of the art aircraft technology, less fuel necessary for routes, further emissions reductions in NOx, CO, HC, and increased passenger capacity means more savings to pass on to loyal AirTran Airways customers.